HR Solutions

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Hiring Solutions

The Talent Minds enables clients to overcome the complex challenges of acquiring talent for their unique and specific requirements. 

We offer recruitment support for Permanent Positions through the following activities: We would take requirements from Clients for the positions based on a thorough understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position.

We not only source professionals from our vast database of readily available, well-qualified, pre-screened and tested personnel, but also conduct an extensive search as required.

These assignments would be handled by an Executive  team with excellent network and experience to look for the right candidates for any given role. Our search team would specifically head hunt profiles and submit the same to the Client after preliminary interviews. We also provide referral checks with detailed comments on the candidates’ profiles and maintain contact with the candidates’ till such time they join duty.

Background Verification

Background check, is the process of researching and consolidating a variety of employment, educational, criminal, financial and personal records about an individual for the purpose of evaluation for employment.

Our Employee Solutions include Education checks, Employment check, Criminal Record check, PAN Card check, Aadhar Card check, Driving License check and last but not the least Address check to confirm their authenticity.

Our complete background check services of employees and candidates help you minimize risk and maintain compliance.

Learning & Development

Learning is not an event. It is a process.

We provide complete Practical oriented Training through a team of highly skilled and professional trainers / faculty members having hands on experience in relevant fields over a decade each. Our industry experience with excellent course material helps to bridge the gap between academics & practicals.

We offer trainings on Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Management and Employee Engagement with the personal and industry experience that our team constantly gets updated with.

In addition to the above, we can also guide your internal HR team, covering all Statutory and Core HR issues to give an in-depth knowledge to manage and also help set up an effective process.

Our success is measured by our ability to help the learners reach their goals.

Employee Engagement

We conduct activities that engage employees and get them a step closer to the  organization and reduce attrition. It also helps in productivity improvement and the employees develop a sense of interest at work. 

We help our clients to:

  • Enhance HR process efficacy by deploying Best Practices.
  • Evaluate and implement technology to institutionalize and simplify HR processes.
  • Identify skill gap by Human Capability Assessment.
  • Improve productivity through effective Performance Management Systems.
  • Attract and retain key talent by developing appropriate reward systems.
  • Drive growth using custom tailored incentive plans.
  • Develop / re-design HR policies.

Human Resources Audit – Evaluating the effectiveness of HR Department

HR Audit is a ‘snapshot’ review that uses a systematic approach to identify any major areas of improvement in the HR function. This is often used as input into the HR planning process.

Our Human Resources Audit is a program designed to understand, assess, and evaluate the people, structure and processes that drive your organisation. Our team performs a confidential and structured evaluation of compliance, policies and procedures, work practices, employee relations, and administrative practices to determine the effectiveness of your organisation’s HR function. This is as important as the evaluation of an organisation’s products, market share and financial position.

Human Resources Due Diligence – Identifying key issues upfront

HR Due Diligence is the most detailed service and is aimed at valuing the contribution of the HR function to the success of the business in different environments.

Investigation and identification of potential concerns through a due diligence exercise can help increase the success. Our HR due diligence service can provide management with valuable information on the feasibility and involves investigation and guidance on the following areas:

  • Compensation and Benefits Plan: Incentive programs, Salary schemes, Benefits packages, Pension programs, Job grading.
  • Employee Relations: Employer-employee relations, Turnover rate, Staff motivation, Staff morale, Discipline.
  • HR Strategy and Integration: Employee manual, HR roles and practices, HR systems, policies and procedures.
  • Communications and Culture: Corporate culture, Organisational structure, Communication channels.
  • Policy and Process: Update the policy and set the process to meet the organisation’s vision.